Superior Technology

AVA is available to take your calls 24/7

AVA understands your client’s needs and converses with a friendly human voice. Your Automated Virtual Assistant can propose openings and fill your schedule 24/7.

Enhance Client Experience

Clients can easily and quickly schedule an appointment with AVA.

Increase Staff Efficiency

AVA helps save time for your staff by managing appointment-related phone volume.

Fill Your Schedule

Booking options available in seconds to meet client's needs.

Have you ever lost an appointment because a client was on hold too long?

What if your clients never had to wait to make an appointment again?
And, your staff had more time to help with patients?

With advanced artificial Intelligence combined with our advanced voice recognition technology, your clients can now make appointments by phone whenever it is most convenient for them. No wait times, no hassle!

Sample Calls

Listen to AVA speaking with clients

Your clients will be welcomed by a friendly voice who will make their appointment scheudling quick and easy,

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Our tools, our methods, our experience provide the best return on investment for you and your clients.